Terms Of Service

Our Terms

Global Job Placement provides professional services to clients and executives. Use of service, facility, functionality, information provided by us is bonded by following terms & conditions

We Make from the Best

  •   We are charging 8.33% of Annual Salary from Company (including PF and Other Monetary incentives decide during interview or service period)
  •   As per our rule candidate will be considered on the roles of the company after completion of 30 days from the joining date. Company will be legible to pay our charges after the same.

  •    GJP will replace candidate, if selected candidate leaves company within,90 days from the date of Joining. Replacement of the candidate will be given within 30days by GJP and if the company not taking any replacement within 90 days no charges will be refunded. Company will be taking replacements on the same position on the appointment done.

  •   Our consultancy charges will be collected within 10 days of joining of candidate.
  •   It would be company's responsibilities to inform about selection of interviewed candidate within 24 hours.
  •   Company have to give appointment letter to the candidate and a copy to GJP also.
  •   If company appoints any candidate sent through GJP after his / her rejection at the time of interview and if directly approaches the candidate, it will be considered as placement by GJP and due charges will be applicable

  •   If any ongoing candidate refers other registered or non registered candidate of GJP directly to the company. On his/her selection consultancy charges will be applicable to GJP by the company

  •   If company fails to make payment under these terms and conditions on due date, the company shall be liable to pay interest on the unpaid amount at the interest rate of 2% per month until outstanding amount is received by GJP.

  •   GJP is not responsible for the candidates suitability and performance after appointment by the company from our end.
  •   GJP will not be responsible for any legal / dispute or any other matters between the candidate and the organization.
  •   Company who has taken interview or offered any job by GJP cannot hire the same candidate for next 1 year
  •   Agreement will be done between hiring company and GJP and will not be changed even if the higher authorities or management changes. Any changes or discontinuation of the agreement will be given in written by the Company prior to GJP

  •   Any dispute shall be subject to Morbi Jurisdiction only.